Advisory Services

Is your business on the move? Are you growing your sales, expanding your space, or adding staff? If so, you need someone to advise you, someone with extensive training and impressive credentials like the CPAs you will find at Solutions by SCG.

SEE Consulting

Solutions by SCG is entity that delivers advisory and consulting services under CPA Tax Advisors, LLC. For the convenience of our Atlanta, Georgia, clients, our office is located in Atlanta.

We are well-rounded business professionals who will guide you through your toughest challenges, enhance your operational efficiency, and analyze your business and can help you plan for the future.

Advisory Services

A few of the areas for which you may find our advisory services helpful include:

  • Food Safety & Quality Consulting specifically:
    • Supply Chain Support
    • Compliance Consulting
    • Innovation Support
  • Management Consulting
  • Reviewing your office procedures so we can recommend cost-controlling methods that can be implemented.
  • Analyzing your business structure and advising on the best structure for your particular business, whether sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability company, or type of corporation. We advise and assist with restructuring if it seems that will be in your best interest.
  • Determining the advisability of a merger or acquisition.
  • Advising on best record-keeping procedures.
  • Helping you with implementing new technologies that will increase the efficiency of your business operations and thereby increasing productivity and income.
  • Comprehensive financial planning for your business to grow.
  • Planning and implementing retirement savings plans.
  • Estate planning.
  • Insurance analysis and recommendations for life, disability, and long-term care.

At both Solutions by SCG and CPA Tax Advisors, LLC, we provide you the help you need in making important financial decisions for your business. We help you expand your business and offer our services to all in the Atlanta area. Contact us at our Atlanta, Georgia, office.