Tax Services

CPA Tax Advisors, LLC is composed of dedicated professionals who are all state board CPAs. We provide a full range of tax services to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. No matter how small or large your needs are, we review your overall financial situation and find ways to help you achieve your goals.

We help you develop legal strategies designed to minimize your tax liability while at the same time, maximizing your cash flow. We use our knowledge and years of experience to help you plan for the future while complying with the ever-changing tax code and other regulatory requirements.

We prepare your tax returns, keep current about all changes to the tax code, assist with dispute resolution, and represent you before the IRS.

Tax Services

Tax Law

As CPAs, we keep up-to-date on all changes to the tax code and continually search for ways to save you money. We are fully knowledgeable about recent changes that are effective as of January 2018. According to a CPA Journal, these changes represent “a head-spinning array of changes which will leave the individual taxpayer gasping for breath.” Turn your tax issues over to us at CPA Tax Advisors, LLC so you can quit gasping and breathe easily.

Dispute Resolution

There are disputes that may arise between business owners about the best approach for handling their finances and investments the business should make. When that happens, we work to prevent financial damage to the business, while we also help resolve the disputes in the least expensive and least time-consuming way. We act as a neutral party and collect all relevant information and provide advice so that those involved in the dispute can come to an agreement without engaging in expensive litigation.

Representation Before the IRS

Our state board licensed CPAs are authorized to provide unlimited representation before the IRS in any tax-related matter, whether or not we prepared your return for you. This includes audits, payment and collection issues and appeals.

Non-CPA tax preparers have limited representation rights only for those whose returns they prepared and, even then, they cannot represent the person for any payment and collections issues or appeals.

For full representation before the IRS, and for all your tax service needs, contact us at CPA Tax Advisors, LLC. We serve all those in Atlanta, Georgia from our Atlanta office.